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Marilyn Figueredo, marketing director

Marilyn Figueredo
Marketing Director

Marilyn Figueredo is a dedicated professional hailing from Miami, Florida. Born and raised in the vibrant city, she has cultivated a wealth of experiences and knowledge throughout her career. Marilyn currently holds the esteemed position of Marketing Director at CIM (Creative Integrated Marketing), where she plays a pivotal role in developing and executing strategic marketing campaigns.

Marilyn earned a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of Florida. During her undergraduate education, she also devoted her time to working with children with autism, demonstrating her passion for helping others and making a positive impact. She is currently pursuing a Masters of Business Administration from Florida International University. This combination of psychological insight and business acumen provides her with a unique perspective in the marketing industry.

As CIM's Marketing Director, Marilyn excels in her primary responsibilities. She works closely with clients on a daily basis, collaborating to develop and implement strategic marketing campaigns across various platforms, including social media and email marketing. Additionally, she showcases her creative talent by designing marketing materials as needed. Marilyn's adept management skills enable her to effectively lead her team and ensure the successful execution of projects.

In addition to her core responsibilities, Marilyn also contributes to the planning and execution of engaging events, all while managing budgets. She has had the opportunity to work with notable brands and events across South Florida, including the South Beach Wine and Food Festival, Miami Marathon, and Voices for Children. Marilyn's expertise lies in brand awareness, online engagement, event execution, and marketing campaigns.

When asked about her love for the industry, Marilyn expresses immense joy in bringing clients' visions to life. From initial discussions to full-fledged marketing campaigns, she finds fulfillment in witnessing a concept evolve into reality. Her passion for the creative process and her ability to transform ideas into impactful marketing strategies are the driving forces behind her success.

Outside of her professional life, Marilyn finds solace in reading, enjoys bike riding, and cherishes moments spent at the beach. A guilty pleasure of hers is engaging in Sudoku puzzles while savoring a cup of coffee during peaceful mornings.

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